Dean’s Message

University of Kyrenia, Faculty of Tourism was established in 2020 to provide education to our students through two departments; Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Tourism Management undergraduate programs.

The mission of the University of Kyrenia Tourism Faculty is to provide excellent education with the cooperation of all parties and to provide its students with the necessary knowledge and equipment in their fields. The underlying understanding of the undergraduate education carried out in our Faculty of Tourism is to establish a close communication with the students and to bring the questions and expectations of the students on academic and social issues to the attention of the lecturers and faculty management.

In this approach, which is different from the traditional education methods, education is not considered as a one-way process, a process in which only lecturers teach. According to this understanding, education is a two-way process, an interaction between students and instructors. In this context, it is important for students to establish close communication with lecturers, department and faculty administrators, both inside and outside the classroom.

Another very important feature of our faculty is that it hosts international students from many different countries. This allows students to meet and mingle with different cultures, increasing the opportunities for graduates to find a job in national and international institutions and organizations. University of Kyrenia Faculty of Tourism aims to provide contemporary education to our students with its dynamic lecturers with international knowledge and experience and constantly updated curriculum. Thanks to the education they receive, our students are trained as individuals who can meet the needs of national markets and have the necessary qualifications and equipment to compete on a world scale.

Dear prospective students, welcome to the University of Kyrenia family. We wish you success in your academic life.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Altınay
Dean of the Faculty of Tourism