Tourism Management

The vision of the Tourism Management department is to become a globally recognized destination for tourism and hospitality studies, and to become a higher education institute not only for the benefits of North Cyprus but also for the Mediterranean region.

The mission of the Tourism Management department is to become a higher education institution of choice for tourism and service industry studies. The department will equip students with professional knowledge and technical competence in preparation for their future leadership responsibilities in the industry. In order to fulfil the above mission, the Institute has the following three characteristics:

  1. Unique Identity – The Institute operates independently, specializing in providing higher education and vocational training in tourism and hospitality management.
  2. Integration – It blends the best of academic development and professional training.
  3. Internationalization – It seeks mutually beneficial cooperation with similar institutions abroad, actively promoting academic and student exchange activities.

The Department of Tourism Management is to produce graduates with broad knowledge and proficiency in the core functional and support areas of the tourism and hospitality industry. The department also aims to link theory into practice and focus on a variety of areas in tourism and hospitality management aligned with international standards.

Job Opportunities:
The graduates of this department have the opportunity to find a job in different areas of the tourism industry. They can be employed by the transportation companies, international hotel chains, tour operators, agencies and by the companies operating in the airline and marine industry.